Ep 78 Lucy Griffin-Stiff – New Year Baggage Clear Out

Lucy Griffin-Stiff Guest Make it real Podcast


Great listen for any time of the year!

We all have baggage – from limiting beliefs to perceived failures and imposed labels from childhood! But we don’t need to carry them around forever – time for a clear out.

Lucy Griffin-Stiff is a life and mindset coach and ‘Timeline Therapist’ – as well as a very real and warm individual – of course.

This episode isn’t fluffy – it is forensic. Action focused with the much needed insight to back that action up. Be your best – greatest even – self.

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Links to resources mentioned

How to create the freedom to be your authentic self – Lucy’s free e-book

How Emotions are Made – Lisa Feldman-Barrett

Prediction Error

Fascinating things we talk about

  • How are brains deal with ‘stuff’
  • Timeline Therapy
  • Listening to gut and instinct
  • Half-time reset
  • The 4 selves 
  • The way we speak to people
  • Embedded messages
  • Sort before you run!

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