Build your Community

Guest – Mark Masters

In this episode of Make It Real Trisha talks with Mark Masters, the founder of ‘You Are The Media’ – a growing global community built from scratch.

So he knows a thing or two about building a community – and particularly building a community that is yours – complimented but not dependent on social media platforms.  He is the master of the weekly email – human speak, educational, warts and all – and bringing in the community at all points. 

Connect with Mark – LinkedIn

Mark Masters on using feedback. Talking to Trisha Lewis on her Make it Real Podcast

In this podcast

  • How to have hope – when you start from scratch.
  • The ups and downs of evolving – and how consistency matters.
  • How to respond when things go wrong!
  • What it means to build a loyal audience.
  • Why you need to listen and ask for feedback as you evolve.

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