Be More Focussed

How to be more focussed in a distracting world?

Is learning to focus more worth it? 

After all – maybe you identify as a brilliant multi-tasker (guilty)! So everything is just fine thank you!

There is a bit of delusion creeping in here however – we discuss in the episode.

Building your ‘focus muscles’ is not just an added extra in your business – it is all part of your work-life balance and sense of calm – from which increased creativity and productivity flow. We all have to work on breaking default thinking and behaviour habits.

Award winning international leadership and performance coach, Katie Stoddart talks about the 3 different kinds of focus, the curse of social media and Netflix dopamine hits and how to be more focussed by following some practical small-step actions – and listening to the ‘vampire thoughts’!

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Resources referred to 

The Power of Habit – Charles Duhigg

Getting Things Done – David Allen