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LouiseBettylou, 05/01/2022

So refreshing!

This podast feels like sitting down with pals for a natter and a cuppa. It’s refreshingly real, very human and Trisha’s enthusiasm, curiosity and energy shine through every episode I’ve listened to so far. And I will definitely be dipping into past episodes – what an amazing, inspiring array of guests! Thank you Trisha!

Snoweena, 12/09/2019

An essential for all entrepreneurs!

Love it! Great business skills tips on keeping your own authenticity and learning from others. Trisha is a great host and the guests are awesome! Real people, real businesses. Listen up!

ohn Espirian, 13/08/2019

Funny and honest

Trisha’s podcast is funny, honest and real. With no airs and graces, she gets down to business by interviewing some of the great and the good independent business owners who stand out through their content and the communities they build. It’s recommended for anyone looking to do the same – not through cheats and shortcuts but through the creation of an authentic presence. Nice work, Trisha!

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A podcast for entrepreneurs who want to keep it real!