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Shelley Wilson guest Make it Real podcast


Are you already writing a blog but not convinced? Are you thinking of doing one but getting caught up in too many ‘shoulds’? Are you just interested in words and storytelling?

Shelley is your woman!

She is not just a blogger herself and a blogger for clients – she is also the author of countless fiction books. Shelley is a writer – but also a very real, down-to-earth business woman and human being. Her natural bubbliness and the value of her experience make this a must listen.

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Links to resources mentioned

Survival Skills for Freelancers – Sarah Townsend

Marie-Claire Ashcroft

Fascinating things we talk about

  • From blog to book
  • Blogging from the heart
  • Putting personality into your writing
  • Finding your ‘ism’
  • Raising your profile
  • Avoiding the ‘should’ trap
  • Avoiding the ‘curse of knowledge’ barrier
  • Turning detective on yourself
  • Finding your identity
  • Making posts evergreen
  • Sharing your story – being real
  • Visual appeal of your blog
  • Balancing your keywords with good writing

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