#75 Hank Hoffmeier – How to be your Brand Ambassador

Hank Hoffmeier guest Make it Real Podcast Trisha Lewis

Digital Infotainer Hank Hoffmeier is here to help those of us who don’t have a marketing department build our brand and place as a thought-leader.

This episode is packed full of practical tips and resources – so have a notepad to hand!

Hank is the podcast host of ‘Hank’s Marketing Tips’ and a ‘solutions whisperer’.

He will remind you that you can have fun whilst building your visibility.  Brilliant ideas for repurposing and recycling – a must listen.

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Links to resources mentioned

The ABCs of the Customer Journey

iContact – Hank is a consultant – email marketing resources

Otter – transcribe app for your phone – It is impressive

Hashtag Mastery Summit


Fascinating things we talk about

  • Branding beyond the logo and colour stuff
  • Making content and visibility fun
  • Quantity of posting over quality thoughts
  • Get good by doing
  • Repurposing and recycling ideas
  • How much to post and where?
  • Sharing third party content – best practice
  • Experience and narrative over fancy production
  • Trusting the universe
  • Keeping side list for quiet times
  • Getting attention fast!

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