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Catherine Williams Chapter One Books


Catherine Williams gets quietly enthused about things like fonts!

 If you didn’t consider their power before you will after this.

Catherine makes books beautiful and easy to read – she knows that to make a book work it takes more than your words – it takes a team.

Having been in the publishing world since non-digital days – she has a deep understanding of her craft. These tips and ideas apply to more than writing a book.

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Catherine’s Website – Chapter One Book Production

Links to resources mentioned

The LinkedIn article mentioned – what does it cost to produce a book

Kindle Direct Publishing

Ingram Spark Book Publishing

Fascinating things we talk about

  • The evolution of printed books
  • Childhood memories of reading
  • Where do you start with writing a non-fiction book
  • Who else is involved in the process besides you!
  • White space and fonts
  • Keep it simple
  • Self-publishing stigma
  • Time and money investment reality check
  • The power of an opening line!

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