47 Peter Jenkins – Be Curious and keep writing

Peter Jenkins


I challenge you to listen to this without smiling lots.

 Freelance copywriter Peter Jenkins has a warm smile in his voice – and he paints stories that delight.

He oozes enthusiasm for his craft and he is perfect example of the benefits of being constantly curious.

 He should inspire you to keep writing and finding your voice in those words.

Connect with Peter


Peter’s Website – PDJ Copywriting

Links to resources mentioned

Peter’s video post with the ‘tailor’ story we discuss in the episode

Peter rising to the challenge of saying the longest Hungarian word!

Sir John Hegarty book on creativity – There are no rules

Fascinating things we talk about

  • Getting good at something by learning and doing!
  • Reading helps your writing
  • Don’t be ‘edgy’ just for the sake of it
  • Listen to people
  • Words paint pictures and feelings
  • Finding your ‘tone of voice’ matters
  • Inspiration can be found in random moments
  • How it feels good to share others’ creativity – no reward asked for

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